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Custom Sheds, Backyard Cottages & Tiny Houses

The Backyard Cottage Company offers you the best in fun size design and construction services; from helping you at any stage of your self-build project, through to delivering fully finished, fully customized sheds, backyard cottages and tiny houses.

Want to build your own? Then join for real hands-on construction tuition.

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The Backyard Cottage Company delivers the finest in custom sheds, backyard cottages and tiny houses.

We offer a superior client experience through delivery of top quality products and workmanship, combined with excellent personal customer service.

Interested in right sizing your life?

Compared to conventional living, tiny houses significantly reduce mortgage and utility costs, putting your hard earned dollars back in your own pocket and more importantly, they're better for the environment.

Tiny house living provides an opportunity for you to live completely 'off the grid' and mobile tiny homes on wheels can also offer you the freedom to move or travel easily.

Interested in building your own tiny house? We also offer the best in self build tuition, offering two day, interactive, hands-on construction workshops.

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